Minjie wishes everyone a happy Christmas~

Dear friends,

As Christmas approaches, I want to take this opportunity to send you my warmest wishes. In this festive season, let us immerse ourselves in an atmosphere of laughter, love, and togetherness, sharing a moment filled with warmth and joy.

Christmas is a time symbolizing love and peace. Let us reflect on the past year with a grateful heart, appreciating the friends and family around us and cherishing every beautiful moment in life. May this sense of gratitude continue to blossom in the new year, prompting us to value every person and every bit of warmth around us.

On this special day, may your hearts be filled with love for the world and hope for life. May warmth and happiness overflow in your homes, with the laughter of joy becoming the melody of your gatherings. Regardless of where you are, no matter the distance, I hope you feel the care of loved ones and friends, letting love transcend time and connect our hearts.

May your work and career thrive, yielding abundant rewards. May your dreams shine as brightly as a star, illuminating the path ahead. May the troubles and worries in life be diluted by joy and success, allowing each day to be filled with sunshine and hope.

Lastly, let us work together in the coming year to strive for a better tomorrow. May friendship be as colorful and radiant as the Christmas lights on a tree, lighting up our journey ahead. Wishing you a warm and happy Christmas and a New Year filled with endless possibilities!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Warm regards,



Post time: Dec-26-2023